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Who are Created?

We are an academy for the future. We don’t just bang out a few video tutorials, we design our courses together with the creative industries. This way, we unlock and grow talent the world needs.

Employers insist on designers who can do it all, so we equip people with not only practical skills, but the personal and professional tools that will see them flourish for life.

Our pioneering courses supercharge student careers by harnessing the best of technology, mentorship, coaching, real briefs and inspiring feedback.

We journey with them as they realise their ambitions and dreams. We are the catalyst that ignites their potential.

We don't work alone

We partner with the world's biggest brands, studios and agencies to design and deliver courses that will prepare the students for the real world.

Our Industry Network

Our Industry Partners

Our partners set briefs and give feedback directly to our students. This is not a university course, we don’t sugar coat it; our students are judged and held to the standards of the industry. 

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Our Industry Experts

Our Industry experts are the crème de la crème of leaders from across the design world. From the BBC Creative Head of Design, Laurence Honderick to Senior Producer of the Bafta and Oscar-award winning creative studio Framestore, Niamh O'Donohoe.

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Our Industry Board

Our Industry Board is there to ensure that our courses continue to serve the needs of the growing and ever evolving world of design and helps us to stay at the forefront of those changes.

Mentors and Coaches

The best learning comes from those with experience. Which is why each student on our pro course has a personal mentor and coach. The mentors are designers who are a few years ahead of our students, they’re on hand to give advice about the industry and technical aspects of the course. Our coaches are there to help our students reach, overcome and set out a new path for their creative career. Together they help the students develop their personal and professional skills. 

Find out what our Mentors think:

Who are our students?

What would the course be without the students?

Our students are at the forefront of everything we do. Our students come from an array of backgrounds, including:  traditional education, switchers with 10 years in the industry and even those without any design backgrounds at all.

All our students graduate with a new found network of fellow students and mentors, professional and personal skills needed, a killer portfolio or showreel and a helping hand to help them on their job hunt. 

What we teach

Our aim is to teach what the industry is looking for right now. That is why you won’t see us teaching something like graphic design, we want to be current and up-to-date. Currently we operate courses in Motion Design, UI Design and UX Design with more in development.

Here are our trailers to give you more flavour.

Motion Design Professional

Motion Design Foundation

UI Design Professional

UI Design Foundation

UX Design Professional

UX Design Foundation

How we connect

Social Media & Email

All our social media and newsletters is directed at adding our voice to the industry. We promote our students' work, provide advice, share our content and interact with our community.

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Blog posts & resources

We write useful articles. 

We write what the students and budding creatives need and want to know. 

We also use our connections to the industry to delve deeper into projects related to our skills radar.

You can read more of our resources and blog posts here

An inside look at brand storytelling

What’s next?

We want to build a new kind of creative. Together.

If you like the sound of what we do. Let’s work together. We want to collaborate. Here are some ways in which could put the world to right:

  • Article collaborations 
  • Created Lates collaboration
  • Social media posts
  • Competitions 
  • Contribution to our courses. 

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